team cat

This paw-some cat loves to jam!
This kitty will stick to you like peanut butter!
Winter is her absolute fav-fur-ite season.
Her favorite flavor is pawberry. Watch out for brain freeze!
Lucky Cat
This cat loves to hear your wishes!
She loves to swim under the "C" - for cat!
Eggs & Bacon
Breakfast is her fav-fur-ite meal of the day.
The best combo of icecream flavors - cho-cat, fur-nilla, and paw-berry!
This lucky ladybug is paws-down the luckiest kitty!
Cheeseburger Cat
Hold the pickles, please!
Stormy kitty
This cat is a Meow-teorologist and loves to purr-dict the weather!
Mint Chippie
Ice cream with cat-titude! Prrrrrr!
Music fur-stivals are what this kitty is all about.
Be Mine Kitty
Will you be her purr-fect friend?
Aloha Cat
This cool cat is always up for a paw-ty! Cat-a-bunga!
Mew-sical Meow
This mew-sical feline can play all the instruments.
Puzzle Cat
This cat is purr-fect no matter how the pieces fit together.
Mr Argyle
Hiss-tory books are his fur-vorites to read.
The great catsby
This cat has class.
This kitty is so sweet, she will meow-lt your heart.
Smart, spacey and over the Moon with cat-itude!
Ninja Kitty
Get ready for a Cat-Attack!
Pizza is paw-sitively delicious - extra cheese please!
Rainbow meow
Nothing is as purrty as a purrfect rainbow!
Paw-sitively the best feline friend for summer!
This kitty is programmed to be your fur-vorate friend!
Zombie Cat
She's just hoping her other ear does not fall off. Thank goodness cats have 9 lives!
Blank Page
An open book, he is the most litter-ate of the kitties!
Make no bones about it, Skelecat is frighteningly sweet!
Kitty Cake
This purr-ty kitty is sweet as can be, with sprinkles on top!
Rainbow Stripes
This sassy striped kitty is stylin'!
Jelly Bean
Everyone loves jelly beans! They just do.
miss bumblekitty
This cat is full of cat-titude and loves to send a zinger!
smarty pants
Go to the head of the class! No "C's" on this report card!
Watch out or he may turn you into a toad!
Goldie Fish
This kitty is so shy, she can be pawsitively coy!
Cookie Critter
Don't EVER mention cookies to this kitty.
Life's a beach!
What do you call sushi with a tie? SoFISHticated
Piñata Pop
The most colorful cat around!
Tat cat
This little kitty has cat-itude!
I love to swim with mew-maids!
Nine lives are like fur-ever!
Super Cat
Leaps tall pickles in a single bound!

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